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RO System Series
RO System Series

Equipment overview
The large and medium-sized RO series equipments produced by our company are used for production of high purity water for industry sectors including electricity,metallurgy,light industry,automobile,semiconductor,chemical,pharmaceutical,food and medical treatment etc. Featuring compact structure, high quality and low price, the system combines the most advanced RO membrane, high-efficiency and low-noise high-pressure pump and instruments with accurate measurement together into one independent system, which is assembled on one independent support frame and the support frame is also installed with one control panel. The whole RO system is under the control of an advanced PLC system for control of start/stop of the high-pressure pump, automatic protection for high and low pressure and automatic rapid washing of the system etc.
The outlet water capacity of the RO system ranges from 0.5m3/h to 1000m3/h. The RO pressure vessel is made of stainless steel or FRP material and low-pressure composite membrane is used as the RO membrane with desalination rate of 99%; The operating pressure ranges between 1.3-2.0 Mpa, which depends on the water temperature and water quality.

Technical performance
The low-pressure switch will protect the high-pressure pump from being damaged due to cutoff of water supply.
The use of high-efficiency and low-noise high-pressure pump can efficiently reduce the operation noise and bring down the power consumption.
The roll type composite membrane with high desalination rate and low operating pressure greatly improves the product water quality, reduce the operating cost and extend the service life.
Flow meters are furnished on both product water pipe and concentrated water pipe for monitoring and adjustment of the outlet water capacity and the recovery rate.
The conductivity meter for product water is capable of continuous monitoring of the product water quality.
The water inlet and drainage pressure gauges are used for continuous monitoring of the pressure difference of the RO membrane to indicate the time for backwashing.
The automatic water cutoff valve may prevent the water from flowing in continuously during shutdown time.
The rapid rinse valve is used for periodic flushing of the membrane surface to reduce the pollution.

Applicable scope
Electric industry
Electronic industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Bottled drinking water
Beverage industry
Metallurgy industry
Chemical industry
Dual water supply in residential areas


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