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MBR Membrane Module
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MBR Membrane Module

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a kind of new-type high-efficiency wastewater treatment process with combination of high-efficiency membrane separation technology and traditional activated sludge process. With unique structured submerged type membrane module, the equipment is put in the aeration tank; after aerobic aeration and biological treatment, the water is pumped through the filter membrane and flows out. MBR process has big the difference as compared with the traditional wastewater treatment process as MBR takes the place of the secondary sedimentation tank and tertiary treatment process in the traditional biological process.

The existence of membrane has greatly enhanced the capacity of solid-liquid separation of the system, which results in the substantial increase of the outlet water quality and the volume loading of the system. The water quality after membrane treatment is so high that it even exceeds A level of National Standard Grade One; after disinfection, the final water quality and the high-quality renewable water with high-level of bio-safety may be directly used as new water source. Due to the filtration role of the membrane, the micro-organisms have been completely intercepted in the bioreactor achieving the realization of complete separation between HRT and activated sludge age and elimination of the problem of sludge swelling, which otherwise exists in the traditional activated sludge process. The membrane bioreactor(MBR)has been offered with many outstanding advantages including high removal of pollutants, high efficient nitrification for simultaneous actions of nitrification,denitrification with high removal rate of nitrogen, stabilized effluent quality, less produce of residual sludge, compact structure, less land occupying area(only 1/3—1/2 the space of the traditional process), easy expansion, high level of automation and easy operation etc.

⊕Improvement and renovation of existing sewage treatment plants or tap water works;
⊕Newly construction of municipal sewage treatment plants and tap water works;
⊕Treatment of highly-concentrated organic wastewater;
⊕Pre-treatment for production of purity water;
⊕Recycle use of intermediate water;
Scope of application
⊕Municipal sewage;
⊕Hospital sewage;
⊕Washing wastewater;
⊕Industrial wastewater;
⊕Food-processing and pharmaceutical production wastewater
Membrane components Membrane components
Membrane module MBR composition

Membrane components

Type PEIER-25 PEIER-100 PEIER-150 PEIER-175*
Effective membrane area(m2) 0.25 1.0 1.5 1.75
Size(mm)(Length×Width×thickness) 518×365×15 1190×518×15 1780×518×15 2000×518×15
Water production capacity(liter/pcs.day) 100~135 400~550 600~825 600~825
Material composition membrane material PVDF+PET
membrane hole diameter(um) 0.1~0.3
Outside frame ABS
Skeleton ABS or PE
Aeration capacity(L/min.pcs) 10 12
Weight(Kg) 0.73 3.1 5.74 6.7
Turbidity of outlet water(NTU) ≤1
SS of outlet water(mg/l) ≤5

Membrane module

Type PEIER25-N* PEIER100-100 PEIER150-100 PEIER150-150 PEIER175-100*
Effective membrane area(m2) 2.5,5.0,12.5 100 150 225 175
Size(mm)(Length×Width×thickness)   1.65×0.65×2.0 1.65×0.65×2.66 2.35×0.65×2.66 1.65×0.65×2.9
Number of membrane component(pcs) 10,20,50 PEIER-100(100pcs) PEIER-150(100pcs) PEIER-150(150pcs) PEIER-175(100pcs)
Water production capacity(m3/d) 1,2,5 40~55 60~82.5 90~123.5 60~82.5
Weight(Kg)   505 899 1286 1085
Support material

304 stainless steel

Material of aeration tube 304 stainless steel
Material of water collecting pipe UPVC or ABS

⊕ PEIER25-N; N separately for 10,20,50;
⊕ The membrane component used for PEIER 175-100 type is special, which shall be used in case of special water quality or special requirements with small difference with common products in terms of water production capacity;
⊕ The water production capacity specified in the sheet 1 and 2 is the initial filtering flux when the inlet water is municipal sewage with suction pressure of 10Kpa and temperature of 10 oC;
⊕ All above specifications may be subject to modification as the result to technological improvement and product updating, which will not be notified more.


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